Prissy and Pop

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Prissy and Pop's Helping Hooves 501c3 non-profit animal rescue has provided a home for over 30 rescued farm animals. Our goal for 2020 is to get every animal a sponsor to assist with their monthly expenses. While the larger animals are more expensive, we have decided to set everyone's sponsorship to $25 a month to give every animal a fair chance at getting sponsored and allow more than one person the opportunity. Would you consider helping us lend a hoof to one of our farm friends this year? As a thank you,  we will send you a personal thank you card in the mail with a picture of your animal.  Please LEAVE A COMMENT AS TO WHO YOU HAVE SELECTED and make sure we have your email address, so that mom can send pics of your animal to you throughout the year as well. (You may have to remind her, because we keep her busy.  But, please do)! ThOINK you!