Prissy and Pop

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Priscilla (Prissy) was born April 29th, 2013. She is well known for her sense of style which often includes a bow and pearls. Prissy is a true diva, full of class and sass. She has one blue eye and one brown eye and a “beauty mark” on the right side of her snout. She is a class pet in her mom’s first grade classroom. Prissy is extremely smart, very alert and loves to cuddle.  You can't open a bag in the house without Prissy running to come see what it is.  
Poppleton (Pop) was born Dec 12th 2013. He quickly acquired the nickname “Silly Pop” for his goofy faces and silly antics. He has brown eyes, a great smile and markings above his eyes that resemble eyebrows. Pop is a lazy guy who loves a good belly rub. He also accompanies mom to first grade every day. Pop loves going to the beach and rooting around in the sand.  Pop is very loving and enjoys interacting with his family and the other animals on the farm.
Primrose (Posey) was born January, 15th. She is Prissy’s niece and Pink’s sister. Posey is a diva in training. She has the same spunk and sass that her Aunt Prissy does. Posey has brown eyes and a round beauty mark on her snout. She likes to use Prissy and Pop as pillows and will flop over for a belly rub. Posey loves to run on the beach with mommy and her Aunt Prissy. Posey is a happy little pig who is energetic and full of life!
Pinkerton (Pink) was born on January 15th 2016. He is Prissy’s nephew and Posey’s brother. Pink has blue eyes, big ears and a distinctive black mark on his upper snout. He loves being outside and grazing in the grass. Pink is the sweetest little guy and the most mellow of the group.  He is the only one of the five who wasn't the runt of his/her liter.
Pennington (Penn) was born October 4th, 2017. He is Pop’s cousin. He has brown eyes and a few markings by his ears. Penn loves to snuggle with his family and thinks he is all grown up. He is very adventurous and loves giving kisses to the other animals on the farm. Penn is a true mama’s boy and can often be found snuggled up in mom’s lap.

Pigtail was born January 1, 2017. She is a white pug with lots of energy. She loves playing outside and chasing the pig’s tails. She is especially fond of Pennington and loves to pet him and put her paw around him. Pigtail is part of the pack and loves joining the pigs on their adventures. When she isn't with them, she is doing "doggy things" with our rescued pup, Maggie.  

Here are a few of our favorite things:

Going for rides, glamping, the beach, snuggling, napping, bubble baths, pajama parties, Alabama football, country music, Cheerios, watermelon, peanut butter, mommy, our farm friends, and each other.